Play GTA San Andreas on Android Phones

Hey Guys, Welcome and this time i'm here with a new app and a Video tutorial about "How to Play GTA San Andreas on Android Phones and Tablets".

As you guys might know that GTA San Andreas has been released officially for iOS (iPhones, iPads etc) recently but not for Android. So basically we'll have to wait for San Andreas to be released for Android OS. 

But to overcome this and to Experience the Gameplay of GTA San Andreas on your Android Device, all you have to do is to see the Video Tutorial on Youtube link of which is given below. It's possible with the help of Splashtop Streamer for Windows and Splashtop Gamepad THD for Android Device.
Below is the Link of the Video Tutorial showing the Gameplay and How To guide.

To Download Splashtop Streamer Click Here (For Windows, Mac and Linux)
To Download Splashtop Gamepad THD Click Here (Android) (Not Free)

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