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Ghost Ninja:Zombie Beatdown

Ghost Ninja:Zombie Beatdown l Version: 1.0.9 | Size: 20.42MB Developers: Gabagool Games Inc. | Language:English

 "This is an addictive great game!" Law Ng
In this homage to classic 2D side scrolling, you'll be armed with ninja stars and a ghost blade; perfect for chopping and slicing zombies into meat salads. You’ll also have magic ninja spells that can summon ancient Japanese ghosts and demons that will fight alongside you. Not to mention you can upgrade your powers to stomp even more zombies.

* Tons of Level Bosses to kick your butt.
* Side scrolling, zombie slashing action.
* Great story with cut scenes
* 3 difficulty modes: Normal, Hard and Beatdown.
* Super sword combo attacks.
* Throw ninja stars in any direction with a swipe of a finger.
* 6 MAGIC SPELL ATTACKS to summon ancient Japanese ghosts and demons.
* Lots of zombie enemies to smash.
* Stunning graphics.
* Awesomerrific original music tracks and sound effects.
* Tons of unlockable achievements.
* Intuitive virtual game pad with touch screen controls.
* Total Score and Level Score Leaderboard.
* Secret alternative ending (if you can find it!)
* Google Leaderboards and Achievements
* Fling Mini Compatible
* Heyzap support.

Don't you hate it when you're about to meet up with your girlfriend, and you think, "Going see my girl and all will be well. No zombies or anything." But guess what? ZOMBIES! Plus, she's been captured! Now your ghostly ancient great grandpa Endo from Japan shows up and he's all, "You caused this!", and you’re all, "NOOOOOHH!” He's telling you it’s all your fault and now YOU have to save Amber AND THE WORLD! You know, that old thing.
Mark has accidentally unleashed Onryo, a witch from ancient Japan, who's the sworn nemesis his ancient grandpa Endo.
I know what you’re thinking. "How do I stand a chance against a growing horde of zombies and the evil Onryo looming in the shadows of my darkest fears?!" So do you go back to your bed and hide like yella-belly, lily livered varmint? Or use your training, katana, shuriken, double jump, and magic to slice up some zombies?...No, you don't go to bed! You show those ZOMBIES who's BOSS!

You'll be armed with ninja stars and a ghost blade. You’ll have magic ninja spells that can summon a group of ancient Japanese ghosts and demons that will fight alongside you. Not to mention collecting cash you can use to upgrade your abilities and magic powers.
Different levels will have various UNIQUE GAMEPLAY modes, vivid level art, and three very distinct difficulty modes with tons of UNLOCKABLES. Oh and did I mention an intense story packed with drama, dripping SARCASM and HUMOR right 'til the shocking end with 2 optional endings. Don't be alarmed but your head may have just exploded!
When you complete the game, all your collected items, magic, score and upgrades will go with you to the next difficulty. Your character will continue to grow as you complete each difficulty.

Differences for each difficulty include:
* Number of hits to kill an enemy.
* The number of enemies and obstacles per level increases.
* Enemies will change in many ways depending on difficulty.
* Magic becomes a strategic tool on Hard and Beatdown mode. One hit kills most enemies.
* 8 levels with 3 different difficulty modes giving currently 24 levels of different game play and once you complete the Beatdown difficulty you will unlock Cheat Mode.

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