Download Dead Shot Zombies 2 Apk v13.09.00 Full Game for Android

Dead shot zombies is a best shooting game ever.The sequel to the hit 3D Zombie Slayer FPS is finally on Google Play! Over 5 Million Downloads in the Series!
Survive this zombie outrage in this visually stunning arcade shooter! Every last human being turned into a zombie by a mysterious plague. Shoot each zombie in the brain to ensure they stay dead for good!

New Features
- Boss Stages await after hoards of zombie waves!
- 2 Additional Stages with 15 missions each
- 4 Realistic New weapons like Rifle and Gatling Gun
- Protective guard like armor
- High Quality 3D Environment
- Horrifying varities in zombies!
- Powerups ready for total annhilation!
- Intuitive Controls
- Daily Bonus for Upgrades and New Weapons
Defend youself from looming zombies with strong weapons and upgrades in this Stunning 3D FPS.
Required Android O/S: 2.2+

Download: 39mb Apk

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