Aliens vs Sheep v1.2 Apk Free

Aliens vs Sheep Apk Free Download

Version: 1.2 | Size: 15.97MB Developers: Underwater Apps | Language:English

Aliens really need sheep, lots of them, like, tons of them! For a proud martian like you it is never a problem!
In this awesome Android line runner game, your UFO has just arrived to planet earth, so go ahead and abduct all the sheep you can. Sheep are crazy though, they are fed up with all this alien invasion stuff, and ready to crush and destroy everything alien!

Crazy sheep on rockets, mad berserk sheep, meditating ninja sheep, alongside with FBI agents in black, helicopters, military planes and more - all hell brakes loose, in this retro old school alien abduction story!

- High quality HD graphics
- Free game app
- 18 different areas.
- Simple Controls
Retina display-optimized graphics make it look great on any device! Tested on 7 inch tablets, 10 inch tablets coming soon!
Aliens vs Sheep is available now for free download, and is awesome, so - you're welcome :)

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