Dracula 2 : The Last Sanctuary v1.0.0 Apk Game for Android

 Jonathan Harker returns in triumph from Transylvania after he saves Mina. But he can't rest for long--Dracula has followed him up to London.

He's now determined to hunt down the Count wherever he goes, so he can finish him off once and for all.
He won't be as alone in this quest this time . . . but he will have to deal with even more difficult traps and enemies.

His quest begins in Dracula's last known hideout: The deserted country house of Carfax.


  •  All voices and texts in English!
  •  Realistic characters in detailed decors
  •  Numerous enigmas to solve
  •  Bewitching cinematics creating an eerie and chilling atmosphere
  •  An adventure faithful to Bram Stoker's world
  •  An excellent soundtrack that enhances the menacing ambiance

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