Dead trigger 2 Apk Data for Android v1.0.0

Dead trigger 2 was expected to be released in Q2 of 2013 (around June) but it wasn't. Madfinger Games CEO, Marek Rabas said "We had hoped to release Dead Trigger 2 in June but when we put into perspective all the ideas that arose in the course of development, we decided that we did not want to deprive players of a better experience and so the decision was made to move back the release date. We wanted to release the game only when we were at a level of 100% satisfaction.“ and Now we can expect it in October after the release of Android 4.4 Kit Kat Update(According to rumours). 

While the original Dead Trigger was a simple single-player game, the sequel, Dead Trigger 2 is expected to aspire to much larger ambitions. Players will be delivered to a parallel world, where humanity is engaged in a battle for control of the Earth. What was once a game with a simple theme has been parlayed into a far greater project. “The first time you play Dead Trigger 2, you become part of a global conflict. You are not alone and you are not playing only for yourself. 
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The reality of this worldwide apocalyptic conflict is underlined by the fact that the game will play out in real time. 
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what time exactly will be release the game?


Dead trigger 2 will be released tonight by Midnight..!!!!1 Fingers Crossed..!!! :o


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