PES 2013 v1.0.6 Apk Sd Data for Android

PES 2013 is the latest version even release yet (he does ver. Demo now.), PES 2013 will release the PC platform first, but for those of us who want to download PES 2013 it's good to know the advantage of PES 2013.

Yuzsite is going to mention the advantages and features:

PES Full Control

1. PES Full Control
This feature is a feature whereby PES 2012 PES 2013 on the updated, in this feature we can set our ball control etc..
2. Total Freedom Of Control
Almost the same as PES Full Control, this feature is a feature where the player while playing the ball movement.
3. Dynamic First Touch
This feature is a new feature in which players are trapped opponents mobilized from the first touch bypressing R2
4. Full Manual Shooting and Shoot manual Pasing
In this feature we can set power and kick the ball when shooting passing
5. Dribling
This feature is a feature improvements in PES 2012 when dribling
6. Full Manual 1-2
When did the bait 1-2 we can set manually
7. Responde Defence
This was the weakness of the 2012 PES 2013 PES which in this feature update, this feature works for the defender to respond quickly and appropriately.
8. Goal Keeper
At goalkeeper (GK), we can also control

Player ID
1. Player ID
Player id this was the new features that focus skill players, so each player will have its own power at speed minsal messi, Xavi on the kick etc..
2. Player Idividuality
Players in PES 2013 will have a sign attributes. maybe it while shooting, dribling etc..
3. Idividuality To Goalkeeper
Animation and new styles on GK, and make different strengths keeper

Proactive All

1. Proactive All
Movement of players set their own which makes the active player moves all the difference to the movement.
2. Balance of Play
It is a feature of all, these features make the player semibang conduction defense and attack.
3. Tactical Precision
This feature merupakn tactics and strategies contained in PES 2013
4. Goalkeeper Echased
Adding power makes GK Fans look at PES 2013 (support).

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