How to Transform Android Phone into a Windows 7 Phone

Windows Phone 7 has a unique “Metro” interface that is excellent in most every way. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, and the large tiles that make up the interface are easy to navigate on a touchscreen. Yet you don’t need to own a Windows phone to enjoy the Windows Phone 7 launcher, thanks to Launcher 7. Also that you can there are few other apps in the market which can help you to experience the Windows phone 7 UI whether it is Messaging, music player, video player, Calling, all in a Metro style. See the Video below.


Launcher 7 (Windows Phone 7 like launcher)

Unlike other current WP7 launchers (Windows Phone Android, Metro UI), this one allows you to properly modify your start screen. Just long press on a tile and drag tile where you want!
This version is free, but does have an ad in application list. Ad free donate version is available if you don't like the ad.
Also supported: - 2 x 1 tiles - Original Windows Phone 7 backgrounds! - Freely configurable tile colors - Launcher options are available from Application List (press menu in app list) - Layout animations - Animated contacts tile! (still work in progress)
TODO-list: - configurable animation parameters (soon) - folders (in donate version now) - clock tile of sorts - more animated tiles - facebook integration
Download Launcher 7 Here

Best Browser(WP7 Style)

We believe that Microsoft did a great job with Windows Phone 7 browser and its GUI is just perfect. We did the same for Android - the browser with sliding navigation bar at the bottom.
Here are some features
- Fast browsing - Very lightweight, it's just 367 Kb (compare to other browsers) - Support of YouTube videos (You don't need a Flash player) - Pre-installed directory of top mobile websites - Access your favorite mobile sites just from the start
We made this browser for real people like we are. Open the browser and start surfing, you don't need to know any URL's or type anything, just browse our directory of top mobile web site. Once you see the start page, slide it right or left to browser different categories.
Directory is design in Windows Phone style and contain links to your favorite websites for quick access:
- Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Yahoo - BBC - Gmail - Pinterest - MSN - Flickr
and other
You can also access your favorite websites from any place just by touching 3 dots or holding them and sliding-up to pop-up menu.

Download Best Browser(Wp7 Style) Here


Welcome to ZPlayer a Windows Phone 7 / Zune themed media player. Zplayer has become a favorite of many music enthusiasts, who want more than the average music or video player on their mobile devices. It wears a Windows Phone 7 / Zune theme, and so keeps the minimalistic user interface, but incorporates more features into one application than any Android music player available!
ZPlayer offers: •Music album reviews, artist biographies, artist top tracks, top songs, top albums, similar artists, similar albums, artist events*, song lyrics*, scrobbling, ‘now playing’ status updates, ‘likes’ submissions
•Video and Audio podcasts streaming and downloads, podcast searching, podcasts subscriptions, podcast resuming. •Online radio streaming (with metadata), radio searching, radio favorites*** •Music library listening history, Automatic playlists (favorite songs, new songs), playlist creation •ID3 Tag editing for songs and whole albums, album art editing*, ID3 tag information for songs, cross-playlist adding and removing of tracks, •Video playback, editable ‘music videos’, and ‘movies’ directories •Music weekly charts featuring top artists, top tracks, and track favorites of community users •Browse the albums sections not in your library and even get the album prices, 30 seconds audio samples of tracks, and “Buy” links to the albums. •Audio Equalizer, Bass boost, Virtualizer, Automatic EQ (based on track genre) **
ZPlayer now fully supports ICS, Status Bar+, and features 5 beautiful widgets, which give different functionality.
Cool features, including artist background images and panoramas, selectable background images (High memory devices) Zplayer supports, English, French, Italian and Portuguese languages
+Swiping the homescreen to the left/right shows the 'current playing' song and listening history. +To jump to the 'now playing' screen, use the volume controls to reveal the music controls, and then tap on the track or artist name.
Download ZPlayer Here

WP7 Lock Screen

WP7Lock Pro is a simple, elegant, and fast custom lockscreen done WP7 style. It is the next-generation custom Lockscreen.
It is designed to look like the real thing in Windows Phone 7
If you want to try it out before you buy it, head to WP7Lock Lite. It's free, has the basics of the full app.
Features: * True Windows phone 7 experience. * Zero-second delay! Works for non-root and rooted users! * Integration with ZPlayer(Album Art) and Status Bar+. * fast and easy to use inter-phase.
* This app is in Beta stage, it may contain bugs. This app has been tested on a number of devices, and it performed as desired.
* If your original Lockscreen keeps popping up while WP7Lock is enabled, please install any noLock app, or if you're on ICS disable the original lockscreen from settings.
* Album art only works when the background is set to "System Background".
Download WP7 Lock ScreenHere

WP7 Phone

Download WP7 Phone Here

WP7 Contact

Download WP7 Contact Here

Messaging 7

Download Messaging 7 Here

WP7 Calculator

Download WP7 Calculator Here

Facebook WP7

Download Facebook WP7 Here

Notification Toggle

Download Notification Toggle Here

WP7 Mail

Download WP7 Mail Here

WP7 Notification Plus

Download WP7 Notification Plus Here

Photo Safari

Download Photo Safari Here

Status Bar+

Download Status Bar+ Here