Android Tips and Tricks: LEDs (For Smartphones and Android tablets)

A few Android Smartphones don’t have notification LEDs (or trackballs), but they’re definitely in the minority. Assuming you have one, here are a couple of things you should know and try in your Android Smartphones and Tablets.

HTC Charging Light
On HTC handsets, when plugged in and charging, a green
LED does not mean that the phone is fully charged; it means it’s at 90% charge or more. (You can see the current charge level in the Clock app, if you don’t have a widget for it.)

Get More Control Over the LED
The app Light Flow can offer you much more control over your LED: you can alter which types of notification trigger the light, automatically turn the LED off at night, and assign different colours to different types of notification.

These small changes make it easier to tell when you’ve got an important notification at a glance, without having to touch the phone.