Android Tips and tricks: Google Maps (Android Smartphones and Tablets)

Google Maps
Google Maps is one of Android’s Killer Apps. It’s great on the surface, but even better if you know a bit more about it.

Transit Navigation
Transit Navigation adds support for public transit:
buses, trains, and so on. It not only tells you which routes to take, it also alerts you when it’s time to get off at the next stop.

Share Your Location
Tap your location on the map (you can hit the button in the top right to pan the view to this), then hit the “My location” popup that appears. From here, you can send the location to other people, via SMS, email, Facebook, or any other method in the Share menu.
Enable Labs

Hit Menu > Settings > Labs to find extra features you can turn on.
The most useful one, in my opinion, is “Precache map area”, which lets you download any area of the map in advance.