Top Android 's best Tips and Tricks to make most out of an Android Smartphone or Tab

In our previous posts we talked about How to install Whatsapp in Windows 7/8 PC/MAC, & Now here are the best tips, tricks, features, and shortcuts for your Smartphones. Some are useful, some are geeky, some are just for fun for your Android Smartphones and tablets.

You may be aware of some of these tricks already – but I can say that you don’t know all of them! Did you know that you can search text messages, Kindle books, and tweets all at once? Or that CyanogenMod 7 lets you disable two-thirds of the LEDs in your display, to save battery? Or that you can force websites to show you the full version of their site, even though you’re on a mobile browser? Click on Below Links to find out more.....

  • Change the User Agent
  • Alter the Default Zoom
  • Quickly Access the Address Bar

  • Quickly Switch Keyboard
  • Alternative Symbols
  • Hide the Keyboard
  • Quick Contractions



  • HTC Charging Light
  • Get More Control Over the LED

  • Samsung Galaxy Phones
  • Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Search Apps, Texts, and More
  • Auto-Complete
  • Remove Items From Your Search History
  • Assign an App to the Search Button

Troublesome Ads?
  • Discover Which Apps Use AirPush

Google Maps

  • Transit Navigation
  • Share Your Location
  • Enable Labs