Android tips and tricks: Apps (Applications and Games)

Specific Apps
In previous post we have talked about Android Tricks and Tips: For Fun :-Or, “the stuff we couldn’t fit in any other section”.

42. Fix YouTube Problems
If you have problems with YouTube freezing during playback or not refreshing the video, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > YouTube, and press Force Stop followed by Clear Cache and
finally Clear Data. This will effectively reset YouTube.
Next time you open the app, just sign in again with your Google credentials and you’ll be good to go. This solves most of the issues with video playback.

43. ADW Dockbar With Infinite Apps
In ADW Launcher, as well as the 1-, 3-, or 5-icon dock, you can enable a “dockbar” that can store as many shortcuts as you like (swipe left and right to scroll through them). Just swipe up from the bottom of the home screen to make it visible and drag any shortcuts onto it. Swipe down to hide it and show the regular dock again.

44. Go Launcher Ex Tips
You can configure an app to be launched when you swipe down on your Home Screen (in Menu > Preferences > Operation Settings > Glide down action). You can configure the slide up action too.
You can also set swipe actions for dock icons. I’ve set the app drawer icon in my dock to open the settings on swipe.
If you don’t like the text labels for homescreen icons cluttering the space, you can disable them in Menu > Preferences > Screen Settings.

45. Chrome to Phone Tips

This can do more than just remotely open links in a browser: Google Map pages will open in the Maps app, and YouTube videos will open in the YouTube app. Also, if you copy text, it’ll be transferred to the clipboard; phone numbers will be automatically entered in the dialer, ready to call. Find out more in this article.
Also, you can open the actual app on your phone to get a list of all things sent to it in the past, sorted by date.