What is new in Android 5.0 features, News, Updates

     Google is going to release a newer version of Android this year which is expected to be called "Key Lime Pie" ver. Android 5.0 with loads of new features to be added. But the company has not announced anything official related to the Android’s new baby till date
Android Market is now flourished with amazing phones, tons of apps and games. Android’s Jelly Bean is really incredible, and users are looking c for some more features in next iteration.

Android 5.0 Features

Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie features are yet to be revealed, but hopefully the new Android OS will feature some of these things........

It's a bit annoying for managing your smartphone before going to bed for ex. Switchting off the sound, turning off the data service or activating airplane mode and so on but we expect is a simple way of managing performance more efficiently, and therefore power use, automatically.We've been given a taste of this with Blocking Mode in Samsung's Jelly Bean update on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 but we'd like to see the functionality expanded like gaming modefor max power delivery, an overnight low power state for slumbering on minimal power and a super-low backlight with automatic brightness.


You can see that few hardware makers put their own little automated tools in, such as the "Smart Actions" which is found in Motorola's RAZR interface, but if Google give us a simple way to manage states than, that would be great.

Multiple device Support

You will also be getting multiple device support feature with Key Lime Pie for those who own several phones and tablets, but there are some holes in its coverage currently that we expect will be removed with the launching of Android 5.0.

Enhanced Social Network Support

Another area where the manufacturers have taken a big leap ahead of Google is in integrating clever alternate text entry options in their keyboards. HTC and Sony both offer their own takes on the Swype style of line-drawing text input, which is a nice option to have for getting your words onto a telephone. Get it into Android 5.0 and give us the choice.

A "Never Update" option

This would annoy developers so is unlikely to happen, but it'd be nice if we could refuse app updates permanently in Android 5.0, just in case we'd rather stick with a current version of a tool than be forced to upgrade.

Sure, you can set apps to manual update and then just ignore the update prompt forever, but it'd be nice to know we can keep a favoured version of an app without accidentally updating it. Some of us are still using the beta Times app, for example, which has given free access for a year.