2XL Supercross HD apk & sd data for Android smartphones

2XL Supercross HD is a high speed motor racing game with awesome liquid-color graphics, fully interactive 3D physics, surround sound, particle effects, projected shadows and fantastic lighting! Play this game to find so many secret jump stunts while racing so fast. The game is from 2XL Games, the creator of Ricky Carmichael's Motocross. So what are you waiting for? Download 2XLSupercross HD apk & sd data and enjoy this superb high graphics bike game

Special Features:
Supercross and Freestyle tracks designed by Motocross champion StephaneRoncada
* Play in 3 different modes: Time Trials, Practice and Racing
* Select your appearance from hundreds of different bike and rider combinations
* Race with up to 8 bikes and riders
* 4 camera views
* Responsive tilt steering interface with tune-able sensitivities
* Adjustable level of difficulty
*  In-game help option

Download 2XL Supercross HD apk
Download 2XL Supercross HD sd data
Download 2XL Supercross HD TitaniumBackup files
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How to Install:

1) Install the apk
2) Put the game data 'com.twoxlgames.sxhd' folder to 'sdcard/Android/data'
3) Copy 2 files in TitaniumBackup Zip to sdcard/Titaniumbackup' folder and 'Restore' > 'Data only'
4) Launch the game

Compatible Devices: Play 2XL Supercross HD apk & sd data on Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, HTC One X, One S, Sensation, Sony Ericsson Arcs, Arco S, Neo V, X10, Xperia S, LG Optimus 2X etc.


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